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Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field

We are actively fundraising to rebuild Hansen Stadium after significant portions were deemed not up to code in 2009.

Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field has been a premiere baseball attraction in Corvallis, OR for decades. When legionnaires like Gene Hansen returned from World War II, one of the things they wanted to create for youth and communities were places to watch and play baseball. Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field evolved into one of the great places in the nation in which that happened. The story of Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field goes back to 1944, when Harold and Clara Taylor sold the parcel of land to the Corvallis School District for $10. It became an athletic field in 1948, with the baseball diamond taking shape in 1949; the first game on the site was Corvallis High’s 4-3 win over Springfield on April 15, 1949.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Community donations and labor led to numerous improvements over the years. Most notable were the press box and concession stand built in 1983 and a set of grandstands seating 2,000 completed in 1985. When Corvallis hosted the 1990 American Legion World Series, temporary seating pushed the capacity to 5,000.​​​ The ballpark has been the home of American Legion baseball in Corvallis since 1949. It hosted the American Legion World Series in 1990 and 2004, and has also been the site of several Northwest Regional and Oregon state tournaments. The diamond at 16th and Buchanan is where dozens of players began working their way toward collegiate and professional baseball careers. Several of those local products eventually reached the major leagues: Kevin Gregg, Don Reynolds, Harold Reynolds, Dave Roberts, Mike Thurman and Jim Wilson, and Dan Williams made the majors as a coach.

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